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MAR 12.5 kg EX 60/70 Ptd Prunes

Critical Characteristics

1. Moisture: 29-32% (DFA Method)

2. Oil: Negative

3. Particle Size: NC 67/71

4. Sorbate: 250-475 ppm (DFA Method)

5. Pits: 1/200=0.5% Max

6. General Defects: 8% Max. machine damage, skin damage, growth cracks, scab, slab

7. Foreign Material: None shall be present

8. Shelf Life: 12 months < 75F and < 65 RH




Diced prunes-Slightly oil coated-No sorbate

Product Description Diced prunes are prepared from sound, mature fresh French or Moyer variety plums, which have been machine harvested, washed with water, tunnel dehydrated, properly equalized for moisture uniformity, graded for size, sorted to remove general defects, conditioned for pit removal, Elliott pitted, tunnel dehydrated to final desired moisture, machine diced and slightly coated with vegetable oil to prevent stickiness between particles. The product is inspected throughout the process to assure a clean, wholesome product which is in complete compliance with provisions of the Federal Foods, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Our Diced Prunes are manufactured following a statistical process control philosophy and under the inspection of the Dried Fruit Association (DFA). Product vendor certificates can be provided under customer's request. This product is Kosher approved.


Critical Characteristics:

1. Moisture:

a. During Rehydration: 22-25% (Determined by the DFA moisture meter).

b. During Pitting: 28 - 35% (Determined by the DFA moisture meter).

c. During Dicing: 22 - 25% (Determined by the DFA moisture meter).

2. Sorbic Acid:

a. During Rehydration: Negative (Determined by DFA spectrophotometric method)

b. During Pitting: Negative (Determined by DFA spectrophotometric method)

c. During Dicing: Negative (Determined by DFA spectrophotometric method)

3. Oil Coating:

a. During Rehydration: 0.1 - 0.2% by weight (Miglyol 812N)

b. During Pitting: 0.1 - 0.2% by weight (Miglyol 812N)

c. During Dicing: 0.1 - 0.2 % by weight (Miglyol 812N)

4. Particle Size: 1/4" random dices.

5. General Defects Categories:

5.1 Max 2% pits or pit fragments prior to dicing (per 100 prune tests).

5.2 Foreign materials, insect infestation, mold: None Permitted.

6. Shelf Life: 12 months stored in a cool (less than 75F) dry (less than 65% RH) place.

Diced Prunes do not need to be refrigerated.



25 lb., 30 lb., 10 Kg., fiber carton with polyethylene plastic liner.