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Health Benefits and Other Info

Defensive Units

· After extensive research, studies and observations, dried cranberries have been linked to health 

benefits such as strengthening the immune system, and battling against bacterial and viral infections.


Internal Cleansers

· Dried cranberries also are beneficial to the cardiovascular system of our body. These tart berries 

emulate the body’s natural kidney functions as well as supporting the organ’s duty in purifying blood.


Problem Preventer

· The most common benefit shared by both fresh and dried cranberries is that consuming sufficient 

amount of dried cranberries helps in the prevention, as well as treatment of urinary tract problems.

· A secret to many, the calcium content in dried cranberries helps in fighting against tooth decay, and 

thus contributes to very effective yet natural dental care.


Supporting Body Functions

· Dried cranberries also contain Vitamin C and antioxidants. These help decrease the effect of free 

radicals in our body, which in turn limits the development of cancer cells, as well as premature organ 

damage caused by free radicals.

· Because they contain a high amount of dietary fiber, cranberries help in improving the digestive health.