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Health Benefits and Other Info

Sweet Tooth

·         Raisins provide a natural option to crave any sweet tooth. Because the natural sugars in grapes 

crystallize during the drying process, raisins are a handy go-to snack that can be carried even during travel.  

They may be eaten raw, used in cooking, baking, as well as brewing.


Natural Remedy

·         These dried grapes combat constipation as well as acidosis. Acidosis is a dangerous condition 

because it gives rise to many health problems such as cancer, tumors, heart diseases, hair loss, renal 

calculi, gout, arthritis, damage to internal organs, skin diseases and boils. Raisins are rich in magnesium 

and potassium. These are effective in reducing acidity. These minerals neutralize acids and hence check 


·         Tip: This is an age-old home remedy for treating constipation. Soak handful of raisins in a glass of 

water for about 24 – 48 hours. Drink this water in the morning on an empty stomach. This helps in regular 

bowel movement.


Body Builders

·         Like other dry fruits, raisins are excellent food for gaining weight because they are rich sources of 

glucose, fructose and also give energy. Hence, they form an ideal diet for body builders or athletes who 

need to put on weight or need energy. Also, it is rich in minerals, amino acids and vitamins.


Raisins as Iron Capsules

·         Raisins contain iron, which aids in the reinforcement of red blood cells and are vital to hemoglobin, 

the proteins that carry oxygen. Consuming raisins can be used to treat anemia directly. Also, these dried 

fruits contain several members of vitamin B complex that are essential for blood formation.


Natural Oral Care

·         Dental problems are common among young children. Raisins are the best remedy to prevent them as 

they contain oleanolic acid. This compound combats gingivitis, brittle teeth, cavities and tooth decay. 

Also, they are rich in calcium that is essential for keeping teeth strong and healthy.