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Health Benefits and Other Info


Delicious, nutty, and crunchy sunflower seeds are widely considered healthful foods. They are high in energy, 

100g seeds consists of 584 calories. Nonetheless, they are incredible sources of many health benefiting

nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.

Protein Power

· Like other nuts, they are also very good source of proteins with fine quality amino acids such as 

tryptophan that are essential for growth, especially in children. Just 100g of seeds provide about 21g 

of protein (37% of daily-recommended values).

· In addition, the sunflower seeds contain many health benefiting poly-phenol compounds such as 

chlorgenic acid, quinic acid, and caffeic acids. These are natural anti-oxidants which help remove harmful 

oxidant molecules from the body. Further, chlorgenic acid help reduce blood sugar levels by reducing 

breakdown of glycogen in the liver.

Vitamin Powerhouse

· They are indeed very rich source of vitamin E; contain about 35.17 g per100 g (about 234% of RDA). 

Vitamin E is a powerful lipid soluble antioxidant, required for maintaining the integrity of cell membrane of 

mucus membranes and skin by protecting it from harmful oxygen free radicals.

· Sunflower kernels amongst are one of the finest sources of B-complex group of vitamins. They are very 

good sources of B-complex vitamins such as niacin, folic acid, thiamin (vitamin B1), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), 

pantothenic acid, and riboflavin.


Good Source of Folic Acid

· Sunflowers are incredible sources of folic acid. 100g of kernels contains 227 mcg of folic acid, which is 

about 37% of recommended daily intake. Folic acid is essential for DNA synthesis. When given in expectant 

mothers during peri-conception period, it may prevent neural tube defects in the baby.

Essential Minerals

· Calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium, selenium, and copper are especially concentrated in 

sunflower seeds. Many of these minerals have vital role in bone mineralization, red blood cell production, 

enzyme synthesis, hormone production, as well as regulation of cardiac and skeletal muscle activities.

· Just a hand full of sunflower kernels a day provides much of the recommended levels of phenolic 

anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, and protein.