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Health Benefits and Other Info

Containing Good Fats

· While some types of fats aren’t heart healthy, hazelnuts are an excellent source of polyunsaturated and

monounsaturated fats that help to protect heart health. Hazelnuts are known for their high concentration of 

oleic acid, the same type of “good” fat that gives olive oil its beneficial properties. Oleic acid has been 

shown to lower levels of LDL (the bad cholesterol) and raise HDL’s (the good cholesterol). This makes 

these tasty nuts a heart-healthy, satisfying choice for snacking.

They May Prevent Cataracts

· A study showed that hazelnuts prevented the formation of cataracts when the rats were exposed to low 

doses of a medication known as doxorubicin. It’s unclear whether this is applicable to humans, but it shows

the amazing health properties of this common nut.


Rich in Phytochemicals

· Snacking on hazelnuts fortifies the body with a variety of phytochemicals including proanthocyanidins, 

quercetin, and kaempherol. The proanthocyanidins are the same flavonoids that give green tea and red 

wine their health benefits.

· Proanthocyanidins have shown the potential to protect brain health, improve circulation, and even 

relieve allergy symptoms. Hazelnuts are one more way to get these powerful benefits.


High in Protein and Fiber

· A cup of chopped hazelnuts has a whopping seventeen grams of protein and eleven grams of fiber. 

They’re a good alternate protein source for those who don’t eat meat, although other forms of vegetarian 

protein are needed to provide a complete source of essential amino acids. A handful a day is enough to 

get the health benefits.


Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

· Hazelnuts are an excellent source of vitamin E as well as the B vitamins including folate. They’re also 

a good source of potassium, calcium, and magnesium which help to maintain a healthy blood pressure. 

A cup of hazelnuts supplies a third of the daily iron requirements.